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Despite that, a persons thoughts and habits would not be changed by mere words. No matter how well you had performed previously, when facing Aragorn, facing the Fighting Spirit mech, was it not courting death by choosing the Hercules?


Lin Feng and Qiankun Zadeh did not show discontent, and maintained neutral expressions. Clearly, they would not take Di Maria’s judgement wholesale. At this level, the opinion of others was just a reference point.


This was Lear’s suggestion. The ultimate move was to look death in the eye. Lear dearly wanted to know what the level of Aslan’s military officer school was!


Three days ago, when he was trapped in a swamp, awaiting death, he had met the team Meng Tian had brought and escaped death. Meng Tian personally pulled him, who had already lost all his strength, out of the moss.


But Yan Xiaosu also knew that this was no time to curry favor. He waved a hand. “Forget it. I’ll wait here alone. There are more important things which need your attention. We’ve come in haste this time, and many preparations were not made satisfactorily. Can you settle the data by tonight?”


However, the difference this time was that the people of Atlantis had started to reveal their Ability Xs instead of just relying on the runic mecha’s formidable might.

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It looked ferocious, but he had begun the kick too early. As Wang Zheng approached, a high whip flew towards Wang Zheng’s crotch.


He wouldnt be able to go up against the Atlanteans from the way he currently handled the mech. They had to use the runic mecha, perhaps one against five?


Mars closed his eyes. The Heavenly Overlord Attack’s chi made the rounds within his body, expelling any remaining energy. He considered Wang Zheng’s finger. He had used the elbow technique as a feint, but that energy had been astounding.


Flame abilities were not new. An Earth-rank two warriors strength could not provide Luo Fei any suppression.


After years of research and development, the new series of Manalasuo mecha were finally going to be showcased. Jondi Lilick’s choice revealed that he was prudent. Saruman Snake was definitely a worthy opponent, and there was no need to wait till the last moment to use this.


Mars nodded. He did not like to owe a favor. This was best. After all, they were both representatives of Elite Academy X. A loss was a loss. Besides, to be able to observe him up close was a rare opportunity as well.


Mars’ expression was not as composed now. He grew graver and graver, because he realized that he had made an error. During their battle at the Greatest King Competition, he had thought that he understood Wang Zheng’s power, including Wang Zheng’s physical technique.



And Wang Zheng was basically a beacon. Most importantly, his awesome Ability X was gone. Points, reputation, and the hate that he had received from his clash with Kashawen. Wang Zheng had to take care now. Failure aside, he might not even survive this.



As the days grew, he seemed to like Wang Zheng more and more. If it was another person, under such stress, would have given up a long time ago, but Wang Zheng dared to challenge the world.


This strange method of cutting off served as a reminder to Ander Lucia that such interference had appeared many times in Atlantis internally when they were sparring one another. This was meant for those who understood how the Runic Matrices were created and would use it as specific interference while sparring. No one had thought that outsiders would know how to use it too. If they were mentally prepared, it would not be so easy to try to cut it off again.


The spiritual powers of the five suddenly burst, and their spiritual powers did not conflict with each other. Instead, they formed a web; a web that enveloped the entire arena. Regardless which direction Wang Zheng would appear, they would perceive it immediately!

  • The spear convoluted. The Holy Light around his body was getting stronger. At the same time, the power of the Holy Light in space was also continuously flowing towards Ouyang Chuanyuns Knight of the Holy Light. The roof of the arena had already been opened as soon as the opening ceremony ended. It was broad daylight, and Ouyang Chuanyuns body seemed to have agglomerated the power around him, making him as dazzling as the stars.
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